Racing API

Widget Based API

The racing API can be integrated with any existing platform.

With our Widget Based API the Latrobet Racing Application can be easily integrated into your betting operation. The API will be merged with your existent Player Management System and player wallet.

Using the Latrobet Racing Application, operators don’t have to input fields, prices, race times and result manually, it’s all done by us, for you.

With the Latrobet Racing Application integrated into your system you’ll find it easy to keep track of all your players in the management systems you’re already used to.

The API also provides your clients with a seamless User Experience as they can bet with all your products and the Racing Application using the same balance.

Live Racing Stream

With the Latrobet Racing Application where available we offer a Live Streaming service of races around the world. This way your clients can bet race-to-race around the globe and watch the races without having to find a stream/TV channel external to your site.

The Live Racing Stream helps keep your clients active on your website and encourages them to bet by letting them easily watch what they’re betting on.

Live Racing
Custom Racing Silks

Custom Racing Silks

The Latrobet Racing Application comes with its own custom created set of Racing Silks. Silks are an integral part of any racing product as it helps your clients easily identify the horse they’ve backed. All Racing Silks are custom-made and of our own interpretation as to avoid any copyright-infringement.

For many operators silks are a major setback as new colours and designs are always being introduced. We’ll take this stress away and keep them automatically updated on your end.

Extended Racing Form

Racing Form is a key part of any racing product as it helps your clients feel informed of what they’re betting on. Our Extended Racing form provides you with all the details on each runner including: Jockey, trainer, age, total winnings, career form, last 6 starts, last 15 starts, Sire, Dam and their results on different track ratings.

These details encourage your clients to bet more as they feel confident and informed with the bets they’re choosing.

Racing Form