Tailored Margins, Limits & Markets

The key to running your Sportsbook with minimal interference is setting your Margins & Limits. With the Latrobet Platform you can set the Market Percentage of any markets offered. The Platform also has the ability to set custom limits, for either groups or specific clients. This way you can let your better clients on for more and your troubling clients for less.

With the standard Latrobet Platform we provide our own default values for your margins and limits. As you know your customers better than us, we encourage you to adjust these limits to fit your client base.


Tailored Margins
Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Within the Latrobet Platform we have an in-depth reporting system that you can run to keep track of how your clients are performing. Whether it be a simple Profit & Loss report for your entire client base or going in detail on how a client may be winning on a certain sport or league.

The reporting system allows you to check and export these statistics so you can easily keep track of all your number – whether it’s profit or total turnover, you’ll find the numbers at the click of a button.

Comprehensive Client Management

With the Latrobet Platform you can look in-depth at each of your clients unique details. With the Comprehensive Client Management System you can look at an individuals betting patterns, size of their bets, bet frequency and adjust their limits and account status accordingly.

The Client Management System makes it easy to deal with troubling customers by setting limits. You can also reward your VIP clients whether it be through Bonus systems or upping their limits in certain sports/leagues.

Client Manager
Affiliate Management System

Built In Affiliate Management

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to get your brand out there when you start your Online Wagering company. With the standard Latrobet Platform we provide you with our own custom built affiliate management system so you can track which affiliates are referring which clients and pay your affiliates accordingly.

In the Affiliate Management site we give you the ability to create and set custom marketing campaigns as well as push new banners or promotions to your Affiliate base.