Latrobet's Racing API is an Industry First

Latrobet’s innovative offerings include: An industry first managed Racing API that can be deployed to third party platformsor via our complete player management system.

Latrobet’s managed Racing API enable you to offer Horse Racing at your sportsbook or casino without the expense of a trading floor.  Alternatively Latrobet can offer you a complete turnkey solution with an easy route to full licensing.

Dynamic User Interface

The Latrobet User Interface

The Latrobet Racebook and widget based API are our flagships, over the past seven years the product has developed into a full service Racing Solution. The platform was developed with consultation from traders within a live environment.  It offers players a premium experience whilst allowing the operator to maximise its profitability.

When coupled with our Latrobet Core it provides the operator with the ability to configure and automatically adjust payouts, odds, limits, risk with time based modelling.

The Latrobet Racebook API works seamlessly with the Latrobet Core or can be easily integrated into an already existing Casino or Betting operation via an API layer.

Latrobet Core

Latrobet Core will be the heart and soul of your betting operation. The Core is what gives you the ability to monitor and control all aspects of your online betting product. Latrobet Core also provides a centralised Management System for all key operations.

The Latrobet Core also includes; A Comprehensive Reporting system, Professional Client Management, Risk Management tools, Payment Gatweways, KYC Compliance Module and an Integrated Affiliate Management system to help kickstart your brands promotion.

core elements of the platform

Get to Know Our Team

Macyn is a sports trader that has worked with a number of bookmakers, outside of work Macyn has had a successful run as an Overwatch player, playing for the number 1 team in Australia, making him our esports specialist. Macyn also assists on the programming side of things as he completes his degree in Computer Science on the side.

Developer & Sports/Esports Specialist

Shaun has been around the Programming space since the mid 90's. He's the original founder of Latrobet and has been lucky enough to work on a number of web based applications both in and out of the Gaming space. He also brings a wealth of experience having worked on the trading floor of Australian facing bookmakers.

Founder & Product Development Manager

Rob has his fingerprints all over Latrobet. Rob has been team lead on many of our projects in the Gaming space whether it be the deployment of a proprietary user management platform or bespoke risk management systems. Before starting with us Rob was the head developer at an Australian facing bookmaker.

Project Lead & Developer